Glimpse of Tibet Market in Gurgaon

Tibet Market Gurgaon

Yes, Tibet market Gurgaon is open all days in this season also. There are safety measures taken like sanitization, social distancing, and scanning – they can provide high quality masks also. Since the shops are in big open space, chances of proximity with shopkeepers and shoppers is low. So, don’t worry about COVID, shop freely at the Tibet market in Sector 52, Gurugram.

“The scale of shops is relatively low because of COVID and we ensured that there’s no crowd at the shops or in the entire arena”, Sonam Gyalsten shared.

Customer looking for products in Tibet Market
Tibet Market Gurgaon

To take my passion “Portrait of Humans” further, I met and made amazing portrait of shop owners. It’s always refreshing to capture diverse people from the globe and understand about their lifestyle.

Every year, Tibetans travel from their home cities during winters to set-up make shift shops in various cities in India. Most of the products are handcrafted and woven by ladies, gives those attires a unique color, texture, and feel. You can buy shawls, sweaters, jackets, blankets, glover, scarfs and all clothing woolen accessories. Kids and ladies especially like the vibrant color and texture of the products.

Shoppers used to haggle a lot with these shopkeepers, as I recall from my childhood memory. Even shopkeepers used to bargain a lot if they found customers not interested due to price. The good part is they’ve kept it at fixed price now. You’ll still get the same amazing products at reasonable price, without worrying or putting pressure of haggling.

Every shopkeeper accepts digital payments through PayTM or Google Pay. So, one can keep up with the social distancing and contactless transactions.

Since the scale of shops are low, the sector 52 Gurgaon market is the only place you can spot them. If you’re in Delhi NCR, go ahead and shop at the Tibetan market!

I went a little creative in the portraits… Here are few photographs in black and white.

People were really friendly and helped me navigate shops and obliged with their pictures.

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