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You need this skill to become a photography blogger

You’re a great photographer already. So I won’t guide you in this post on how to create 50% of the content of your blog images. If you want to success as a photography blogger follow this post. I’ve only one tip to share.


But writing challenges differently to different people. So let me put this in perspective.

First thing first, write profusely what ever comes to your mind. Draft mindlessly. Let fingers do the thinking.

Secondly, as a photographer, you’ve plenty of stories to share: behind the scenes, about you gear, the subject, the unique experience, the project you’re working on — the list keeps growing.

Thirdly, don’t review while you’re writing. Let the first ugly draft come out soon. It’s important that you complete. It’s not important that it’s perfect. Don’t mind grammar, spelling, narrative, or whether what you’re writing makes sense. Finish the draft first.

You won’t like to stop once you write without thinking. Try this. Creative juices keep flowing. Stories keep popping. Thoughts start streaming when you write without thinking.

Sounds strange?

Well, don’t trust me. Do it to experience.

Lastly, edit only after you feel you’ve completed your thoughts. Don’t break the thought in mid of your writing the first draft of the photography blog.

This may not make you a great writer. Or, maybe it can. But this quick technique will certainly make you a decent photography blogger.

If nothing else, it breaks the jinx of writer’s block. Does the phrase “writers block” rings a bell? Yeah, many people who have go great stories are not able to pen down because of this rubbish syndrome.

The best technique to beat any inertia is to apply force. That’s Newton’s first law of motion.

I wrote this post in 10 minutes. Let me stop my thoughts here. Over to you now. Don’t sweat the topic. Don’t push yourself hard. Let the fingers do the thinking. Let ideas flow…

You’ll certainly become a great photography blogger soon!

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